Synapse -The Training department of Saveetha Engineering College

The Purpose of Synapse is to enhance the Professional, Career, and Holistic development of student and staff community of Saveetha Engineering College.

As educators we realize that we cannot just educate students with knowledge based on the academic curriculum syllabus. The need to inculcate a mature mindset when providing quality education is well realized and put into practice in our University. Hence our mission at Saveetha University is to provide an education system which helps everyone to achieve their maximum potential through the development of a healthy spirit, body and mind, in addition to have high social skills, morality, aesthetics and cognitive skills. The training Program is quite important in preparing quality citizens after they graduate.

The primary focus for training the students is to enhance their Aptitude, Language and Soft skills. The training Program also adds value to their educational, psychological, emotional, social setup of every individual. The development of social spirit, character and ethics in addition to training for leadership, entrepreneurship, team spirit, development of civic virtue, physical development, improved discipline, aesthetic development and development of cultural values all go towards building the whole person.

Training Process


Training Methodology

  •     Instructor led
  •     Group activities and interactive learning
  •     Assignments and testing
  •     Simulated exercises
  •     Evaluation by feedback

We work on the requirements of the students’ community looking into the industry needs and we keep abreast with the dynamics of the industry and trade requirements and evolve a systematically developed model for training the students.

We train the students to prepare for the following exams through a methodical process to enhance their skill sets and knowledge by our team of resourceful personnel.                                          


We at Synapse coach students to undergo training in Foreign languages through professional training periodically by experts.

Synapse also focuses on enhancing the quality of the faculty members through periodic Faculty Development Programs’, which lays emphasis not only on the quality of the delivery and transfer of Knowledge but also on skill development of the faculty members , making them sound and strong in personality as well.