The SEC Mechanical Engineering department is a strong and growing component of the Saveetha Engineering College, and has made major strides in development since its inception in 2003. We offer a full and diverse Undergraduate Curriculum as per Anna University in both lecture and well-equipped laboratory courses, and are heavily committed to the total education, scholarship, and success of all of its students, and service to other constituents

The Mechanical department consists of three Professors and Lecturers in the senior grade with approximately 200-250 students, from various regions of the country, who work together in a cordial atmosphere conducive to excellence in education and scholarship. Class enrollments are usually in the range of 60-65 students. These classes promote frequent, direct interaction between professors and students, greatly enhancing the learning process. Laboratory courses in several mechanical engineering areas provide intensive experience in experiment/data Design, measurement and analysis. Students receive design experience through hands on experience in our CAD/CAM lab

The opportunities for additional growth, development, and service are exciting. The entire college is committed to excellence in Engineering education, and the broader development and welfare of its students. We are confident that prospective students will be delighted with the student-focused environment and total educational experience that we offer, and welcome inquiries, visits, and comments. Please let us know if we can be of assistance with your educational goals, with your research or consultant needs, or in any other way. Thank you