Mechanical Research

CNC Centre of Excellence- Advanced Manufacturing Centre

☼ CNC Centre of Excellence - Advanced Manufacturing centre in SEC Mechanical department is well established with the modern CNC systems which are automated using CAD/CAM [Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing] software programs.
☼ The centre delivers high quality hands-on experience to the students in the engineering and manufacturing technology.
☼ This state-of-the-art teaching facility enables students,
     • To understand the principles, structure, programming, operation, tooling and maintenance of CNC machines.
     • To understand the principles of advanced manufacturing systems.
     • To improve professionally.
☼ They gain experience with basic machining on manual and computer-numerical control (CNC) machines, computer-aided drafting (CAD) and computer-aided machining (CAM) programming.
☼ The credentials graduates receive are well recognized by industry and offer people the opportunity to enter a wide variety of careers in the manufacturing sector.
☼ The SEC’s CNC Centre of Excellence-Advanced Manufacturing believes that effective training is a key to bring highly productive engineering professionals with practical knowledge.
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