Science and Humanities

The Department of  S&H was established in the year 2001.


The Department of Science and Humanities is headed by Mrs. J.Joy Priscilla with a faculty strength of 25 members from English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Department of English

Any guide to leadership puts communication at the top of the list of good management skills. And good written communication skills start with a command of the language. Whether or not English is your first language, we all might have something to gain by brushing up on grammar and sentence construction. To assist in that endeavor is our Department of English with a well equipped Communication lab. In the initial years, the department handled classes for the first year engineering graduates for strengthening communication skills among the students. After the establishment of Language Laboratory, the pre-final year students of engineering were also trained by the department.

Department of Mathematics

For  life, now or in the future, you should meet and master formulas or methods for calculating areas, perimeters and volumes, and you should meet and understand formulas or computation methods needed for loans, pensions and investments,  for shop keeping or buying and selling with markups or markdowns. This understanding should go beyond using the formulas. You should understand how the formulas may be obtained or justified. Most people learn mathematics until circumstances force  them to stop, or until the subject becomes too hard or until they lose interest. The Department of Mathematics with its strength of dedicated, rich experienced and well qualified staff members help students learn maths with less effort and great deal of interest.

Mathematics differs from natural sciences in that physical theories in the sciences are tested by experiments, while mathematical statements are supported by proofs which may be verified objectively by mathematicians. If a certain statement is believed to be true by mathematicians (typically because special cases have been confirmed to some degree) but has neither been proven nor dis-proven, it is called a conjecture, as opposed to the ultimate goal: a theorem that is proven true. Physical theories may be expected to change whenever new information about our physical world is discovered. Mathematics changes in a different way: new ideas don't falsify old ones but rather are used to generalize what was known before to capture a broader range of phenomena.

There are no Nobel Prizes awarded to mathematicians. The award that is generally viewed as having the highest prestige in mathematics is the Fields Medal.

Department of Physics

If you can learn something that, with certainty, can make you significantly “smarter” – which means having a more accurate understanding of nature, or of anything in it – then this should be one of the reasons to learn Physics. The Department of Physics provides the students with the opportunity to educate themselves with the various concepts in Physics what scientists have traditionally spent years of labor and study to understand. Experiments can sharpen students' powers of observation, stimulate questions, and help develop new understanding and vocabulary.
The Department has a well equipped laboratory to help the students in enabling them to share their skills and experience of making experiments work in the classroom.

Department of Chemistry

Learning Chemistry helps the students understand how chemistry is present everywhere in our daily life. But most of us do not recognize the real involvement of Chemistry in our lives. The Department provides with the necessary insight one must have to learn the marvels of Chemistry. Laboratory work is an essential element in pupil learning which cannot be adequately replaced by other approaches.The Department has a well equipped laboratory which provides a positive contribution to understanding Chemistry.

Research and Development

Research allows you to pursue your interests, to learn something new, to hone your problem-solving skills and to challenge yourself in new ways. Working on a faculty-initiated research project gives you the opportunity work closely with a mentor a faculty member or other experienced researcher. A self-initiated research project, represents the distillation of your interests and studies, and possibly, a real contribution to knowledge.

The R&D activities of Saveetha Engineering College began in the year 2008.