Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct for Students

Dress code

Boys should wear shirts (full or half sleeved) tucked into pants.
Jeans and T- shirts are not allowed.
They should wear formal shoes with socks. Girls should wear Chudidhar with Dupatta in a proper fashion. Midis, Mini skirts and
Half Sarees are not allowed.

Boy's participant should sport a
necktie. Girls should wear a neat Saree
or Chudihhar with Dupatta. Very jazzy
colours should be avoided. Well-polished
shoes should be worn.

Lab coats should be worn in all the Laboratories.

Workshop dress should be worn as prescribed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Behavior in and off the campus
Every student of the College should conduct himself / herself in a befitting manner, upholding the high traditions of the College. The students should behave in a
very courteous manner with everyone they come across. In particular, they should be courteous and polite to their teachers and staff.
The students should conduct themselves with utmost dignity and decorum when they attend both inter and intra-collegiate seminars, cultural shows or other gatherings. They should not engage themselves in unwanted arguments or scuffles.
Cell phone is banned in the academic area and in the College buses. If any student is found using it, the Cell phone will be confiscated.
Attendance and punctuality
Regularity of attendance is a must for the students of Saveetha Engineering College.
The College insists on 100% attendance in classes as well as in Laboratories.
A minimum of 75% attendance is required to appear for the University examinations and those students with below 75% attendance will
not be permitted to appear for the exams.
And, as per Anna University rules and regulations, they will have to REDO that semester.
Punctuality in attending classes, submission of assignment and Laboratory record are very much insisted upon in the College.
Leave for the students will be granted only with the prior permission of the Principal and unauthorized absence will be liable for
disciplinary action.
Merit certificates are given to students who secure 100% attendance
Identity Cards
Identity cards would be issued to all the students of
the College. The students should have their ID cards with them all the time while in the College/College Bus.
Payment of Fees
Fees once paid will not be refunded at any cost. If any student wants to discontinue in the middle of the course, he/she has to pay as per college norms.
Fees must be paid on or before the re-opening day of the academic year. In case of late payment, a late fee of Rs.100 will be levied for 10 days only from the date of re-opening. Thereafter, the name of the defaulting students will be removed from the rolls and the defaulters have to seek re-admission as per the
procedures for the payment of fees.
Environment and Surroundings
A clean, attractive and healthy environment is always a pleasure to live in. Students should make every effort to keep the campus as well as academic and hostel areas very clean.
Cleanliness should be given high priority.
Every student should plant and maintain a sapling in the College campus thus contributing to the over-all beauty, greenery of the campus and leaving a permanent legacy when they leave the institution.
Academic performance of Students
All students are expected to put in their best efforts and study with utmost sincerity.
The College expects everyone to pass without any arrears. A special counseling session will be conducted for students who fail to clear the University examinations followed by a parent – HOD meet.
Participation in Extra / Co-curricular Activities
NSS/YRC as well as Sports and Games are given utmost
importance in the College. It is therefore necessary that all the students should take active part in these
activities. They should also participate actively in all the Student Forum activities organized by the Departments.
Safety of Valuables Students are advised not to keep valuables, cash etc., in classrooms, common rooms or canteen.
They should keep them safely as their personal possessions. After the class is over they should take away
their books and other belongings. The College will not be responsible for the loss of these items.
Transport is optional. However, Students are advised to come to the college by the college bus.
They are not advised to come by two wheelers. If under special circumstance, they have to come by two wheeler, they have to pay a parking fee of Rs. 300/- per month.
Getting of Bonafide Certificates
Students should submit a requisition letter for bonafide certificate and attestation to the Principal through their Class Advisors and HOD only. Fee for Bonafide Certificate for bank loan and passport is Rs 100/- and for in-plant training & mark statement is Rs 10/- to be paid to the college office.
Eating food, snacks and other eatables inside the class room is strictly prohibited. Students are permitted to take their in the canteen.
Evaluation Method
To evaluate the student's performance in their academics 5 week tests and 2 CIA tests and a model exam are conducted. After the tests, the answer sheets are evaluated within two days. The marks are put in the college website for the parents view and also the assessment sheets are sent to the parents.
Internal Assessment
Internal marks are calculated for students as per Anna University guidelines.