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Admission to Hostels:

The admission to the hostel is open to all students of Saveetha Engineering College. Though the college shall make all possible efforts to provide accommodation to all desiring students. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed and admission to hostels will be on a first come first served basis.

Students as well as Parent /Guardian shall comply strictly with the hostel rules and formalities of admission for seeking admission into the hostels.

Every student admitted to the hostel shall pay a caution deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the course / exit from the hostel, whichever is earlier. The mess charge, room rent and establishment charges will be notified from time to time.

Admission to the hostel is made for one year only with no right to admission for the next year. The Warden has every right to refuse admission or expel anyone without assigning any reason.

 No student is allowed to vacate the hostel in the middle of an academic year. If anyone is vacating in an extra-ordinary circumstance with the approval of the Principal, the room rent and amenities charges will not be refunded.

Students detained in a class and those expelled from hostels on will not be provided accommodation in the subsequent years. Hostel Rules and Regulations

1. No student is allowed to stay in the hostel without the prior approval of the College authorities.

2. The allotment of room shall not be changed without the prior written approval of the Warden.

3. No student is allowed to vacate the hostel in the middle of an academic year.

4. The room rents and charges for amenities will not be refunded.

5. The inmates of the hostels should not stay in their rooms during the working hours of the College. In case they do, they should take prior permission from the hostel Warden, indicating clearly the reason for their staying in the hostel rooms.

6. Inmates of the Girls hostel should be in their rooms by 6 P.M and those of the Boys hostel by 7 p.m. Inmates will not be permitted to enter or leave the hostel after this time. Attendance / Roll Call would be taken at 8.30 P.M. Those who would like to be away for any specific reason should obtain prior permission of the Principal to do so. Study hours are mandatory from 8.30 P.M. strict silence must be maintained and the students should be in their rooms during the study hours.

7. Students who absent themselves for ten days or more from the hostel would be removed from the rolls of the hostel. They should take prior permission from the Principal to do so, or else they would be severely dealt with. Leave of absence will be normally granted only with the permission of parent or guardian. Absence from the hostel at night without the Warden’s prior permission will be viewed very seriously and dealt with accordingly.

8. The furniture, fixtures and other equipments in the rooms are under the responsibility of the inmate(s). If there are any damages, the cost of repair or replacement will be collected from the concerned inmate. If this cannot be fixed, the cost will be recovered collectively from all the inmates. And, in addition to the cost of damage, an equal amount of fine will be levied.

9. Defacing the wall inside and outside of the room by writing slogans, damaging the hostel property and such other antisocial acts will be viewed seriously and dealt with accordingly.

10. Smoking and drinking is not allowed inside the college campus and in the hostel.

11. Cell phone is strictly prohibited during study hours.

12. Valuable things and cash should not be kept in the hostel.

13. Electronic items like TV, FM radio, CD player, Camera, iPod should not be used in the rooms.

14. Computer and Laptops are not permitted for the first year students.

15. Hostel main door will be closed between 8.20AM to 3.30PM (during college hours).


16. It is also clearly informed that ragging is banned by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Any student involved in ragging will be expelled immediately not only from the hostel but also from the College. Further, the students involved will be handed over to the Police for appropriate action.

17. Hostel inmates are strictly prohibited from engaging themselves in any undesirable activity such as smoking, drinking, gambling, consuming drugs, etc., within the hostel premises. Any such activity will be viewed very seriously and will result in the immediate expulsion of the student from the hostel as well as from the College.

18. Inmates shall not hold any meetings inside the hostel premises.

19. Students who are absent on the reopening day of the college shall be deemed to have joined the mess on the reopening date, unless they have a written letter from the parent or guardian, duly approved by the Principal. They would otherwise be charged the normal rates. Once a student joins the mess, he / she would be deemed to have become a continuous member and he/she would be charged till he/she vacates the hostel officially.

20. The mess timings are as follows:-





















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