Civil Facilities

List of Laboratories

1. Surveying I & II 

Surveying Lab Features

• Ranging rods and Chaining
• Chain Traversing
• Plane table surveying
• Levels and leveling staff
• Theodolite
• Total station
• Tapes
• Cross staff

Acquiring practical knowledge on handling basic survey instruments including leveling and development of contour map of given area.

2. CADD              


• 37 IBM computer systems
• Internet connectivity for all the systems
• Centralized air conditioned room
• Auto CADD, STAAD Pro, Solid works softwares ….etc installed in all systems
• Print and scan facilities of drawing sheets

To draft the plan, elevation and sectional views of buildings in accordance with development and control rules satisfying orientation and functional requirements as per National Building Code.

3. Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering Lab


• Bernoulli’s theorem – Verification Apparatus
• Calculation of Meta centric height
• Measurement of velocity - Pitot tube assembly
• Flow measurement :
o Channel with provision for fixing notches
o Flume assembly with provisions for conducting experiments on hydraulic jumps
o Flow measurement in pipes
 Venturimeter
 Orifice meter
 Flow through orifice tank
 Flow through mouth piece
 Losses in Pipes
 Major loss – Friction loss
 Minor Losses - pipe line assembly with provisions for having Sudden contractions in diameter, expansions Bends, elbow fitting, etc
 Pumps
 Single stage Centrifugal pump
 Multi stage Centrifugal pump
 Reciprocating pump
 Turbine
 Impulse turbine
 Francis turbine
 Kaplan turbine

To measure flow in pipes and determine frictional losses and able to develop characteristics of pumps and turbines.

4. Strength of Materials              


 Torsion testing machine
 Impact testing machine
 Hardness testing machine
 Beam deflection test apparatus
 Le Chatelier’s apparatus
 Vicat’s apparatus

To develop knowledge in the area of testing of materials and components of structural elements experimentally.


5. Concrete & Highway Engineering

Concrete  Highway Engineering Lab


 Concrete Mixer
 Slump cone
 Flow table
 Vibrator
 Vee Bee Consistometer
 Aggregate impact testing machine
 CBR Apparatus
 Blains Apparatus
 Los - Angeles abrasion testing machine
 Ductility testing Apparatus
 Penetrometer
 Fireball testing Machine

To characterize various pavement materials through relevant tests. To learn the principles and procedures of testing Concrete and Highway materials and to get hands on experience by conducting the tests and evolving inferences.

6. Soil Mechanics

Soil Mechanics Lab


 Marshall Stability Apparatus
 Hydrometer
 Liquid and plastic limit apparatus
 Shinkage limit apparatus
 Proctor compaction apparatus
 Direct shear apparatus
 Field density measuring device
 Triaxial shear apparatus
 Three gang consolidation test device

To determine index properties and engineering properties such as shear strength, compressibility and permeability by conducting appropriate tests.

7. Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Lab


o Oxygen analyzer
o Spectrophotometer
o Sodium Potassium Analyzer
o Flame Photometer
o Gas Chromatography
o Atomic absorption spectroscopy
o Nephlo - turbidity meter
o BOD Analyser
o COD Analyser
o Jar Test Apparatus

To characterize wastewater and conduct treatability studies of wastewater and also to understand the sampling and preservation methods and significance of characterization.